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Four ways you can still help shelter animals without taking one home

Your cat would throw a fit if you brought another animal home. You can't afford to take on the commitment. Your spouse is allergic to pets. Whatever the reason, we understand. However, the good news is, there are still ways for you to help out, without actually taking an animal home with you! And we’re going to tell you what those are.



  • Now, the obvious one here is money, but that is not all that shelters and homeless animals need.
  • If money is not your style, you can donate your time; volunteering at a local shelter and helping them with chores such as walking the dogs or cleaning the cat cages.
  • If you want to give something that is more physically visible, you can donate items. Think food, collars, blankets, toys. Most shelters will have a wishlist up on their website or social media pages of the items they need.
  • You can even donate your social media pages or businesses, using them to share posts about the new animals at the shelter to raise awareness, to create fundraising events, to advertise the shelter. This could bring investors to the shelter, or even help an animal find their new family!

Break the stigma

There are many animals that sit in shelters due to nasty rumours such as 'all shelter dogs have behavioural problems' or 'senior animals don’t make for good pets'. These do a lot to blacken shelter animals' reputation, and mean that many a pet is left behind the cage doors. If you hear someone spreading a rumour such as this, take the time to kindly correct them. You can even preemptively debunk the myths on your social media pages, or in everyday conversation.

Consider fostering

Perhaps your only issue with adopting is that you can’t take on a life-long commitment right now, but you are able to take on an animal for a short period of time. Then fostering is perfect for you! Some animals really suffer in a shelter, and require a more home-like environment to stay mentally healthy and happy. You only foster an animal until a permanent home is found for them, so there is no life-long commitment. Furthermore, you would actually be helping two animals, as fostering an animal will open up a spot in the shelter for another animal to be rescued and rehomed.


Educate your friends and family on the importance of things such as spaying and neutering, and how this can lower the number of unwanted and homeless animals, thus helping the shelter animals' plight.
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